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Having a college degree is key to success in the job market. Nearly two thirds of all jobs will require a colLege education by 2018, and more than half of those will require at least a bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, far too many community college students fail to complete their education. An estimated 40% to 70% of entereing students need to take at least one remedial course-- and many get stuck there, never moving on to transfer-level college courses.

Project DEgree provides a solution. It is designed for 18-26 year olds who have earned a high school diploma or GED, but who still require further developmental education in order to be ready for college-level coursework. Project DEgree provides students with individualized academic and social supports, offers an engaging project-based curriculum within a learning community, and helps students structure their lives so they can build and maintain the momentum necessary to complete a college credential.

Engage. Support. Accelerate. Graduate.

Project Degree News
  • July 12, 2011: "CCC receives $25K grant to increase student retention and graduation rate," The Citizen  more information >>

    March 10, 2011: "Help for struggling students," The Communicator  more information >>

    December 18, 2010: "Students soar in pilot program," The Herald Sun  more information >>

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