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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Project DEgree programs located?
Project DEgree is offered at 7 colleges in 7 states across the country. Click here to find out if there's a program in your community.

Am I eligible to apply?
To participate in Project DEgree, you must:
  • have a high school diploma or GED
  • be 18-26 years old
  • be committed to and have the ability to pay for enrollment as a full-time student through degree completion
  • be committed to taking at least one course each summer term
  • have an expressed goal of achieving a certificate or degree (assessed in one-on-one interview)
  • place into developmental reading and writing within the entry range set by the college
  • be able to take the learning community classes at the required time and day on the specified campus

How do I apply?
Click here to find out if there's a program in your community, and to get information on how to apply.

How does Project DEgree work?
Year One
All students begin in a learning community of 20-25 students. They take developmental level coursework in reading, writing, and a college success course as a learning community. They receive math instruction including supplemental tutoring based on individual placement scores. Each learning community is assigned a resource specialist (coach, mentor, advisor, college success instructor) who works intensively with each student during his or her first year at the college.

Students progress as a learning community taking the next sequence of reading and writing courses, plus a study skills course. Students are also individually enrolled in the next needed math class and continue to be offered supplemental supports. The resource specialist teaches the college success and study skills courses in order to provide more holistic support by getting to know students as individual learners. Students are encouraged to take a 12 credit load each term and expected to take a class during summer term.

Year Two
Students have begun to fully transition into college-level coursework and work toward a certificate or degree. They are supported by a completion advisor who works in collaboration with other advising staff providing “intrusive advising” and connecting students to college resources and supports as needed.

What are the benefits to enrolling in Project DEgree?
Research shows that students enrolled in learning community programs like Project DEgree are significantly more engaged in their education and much more likely to stick with college and finish their degree. Other benefits of Project DEgree include:

  • Dedicated support from a resource specialist who will serve as your advisor, coach and mentor
  • Referrals to resources, such as financial aid, tutoring, counseling, student activities, health services, and more
  • Personal counseling and guidance including assistance with problem solving, time management, and stress management
  • Transcript reviews and academic advising
  • Assistance with completing enrollment and registration
  • Supported math tutoring and/or math classes to accelerate your math skills

How much does it cost?
Project DEgree students pay tuition for the classes they take but may be eligible for financial aid. Students receive many additional services and supports free of charge to help them progress toward a degree.

What is expected of Project DEgree students?
  • Students must enroll full-time and take the required learning community courses during their first year and continue full-time enrollment through degree completion.
  • Students are expected to take at least one course each summer term.
  • Students must be committed to the ultimate goal – earning a college degree.

What can I achieve in this program?
You can earn the associate’s degree or certificate of your choosing. Project DEgree staff will be there to help you achieve your academic goals.

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